New Roses ~ One More From The Road

new roses


This is one heck of a kicka$$ album. This album just keeps you on your toes throughout the whole thing. This is Bon Jovi meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. It brings back fond memories of the 80’s. This German band certainly know how to rock this house. There is even a ballad, titled, “Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy), which seems to rock out a bit as well. Another ballad song “Fight You Leaving Me” is another one similar to “Freebird” or “Never Say Goodbye”. This all new album contains 3 bonus tracks as well. 14 great tracks…what more could you want. Play this album loud & proud. I give this album 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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Melissa B. ~ Computer Love



Another of those electronica albums (see review prior to this one). Actually this one is an EP, but, again, not my speed. However, the vocals are so good on this EP, I can see Melissa B. really hitting the rock world & taking it by storm. Her vocals really stand out, unfortunately for me, that was about the only thing that stood out for me, but, again, I’m not a fan of electronica. If you are, you will probably really like this EP. I rate it 3 out of 5 Music Guru Stars only because of the vocals.

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Unknown Hero ~ In My Head

In My Head front cover


OK, before I start this review, I must state that I do not like this kind of music. The keyboards are OK. There seems to be guitar on this album, but, that could be keyboards masquerading as guitars as well as fake drums. Again, not my type of music, but, the keyboards are done very well, as are the minimal amount of vocals that I hear. If you’re a fan of electronica mixed with pop, you will like this album. Me, I rate it 2 Music Guru Stars for the vocals & the melodies that I hear throughout. Electronica lovers will most likely rate this higher.

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Gentle Giant ~ Three Piece Suite

Gentle Giant


While I’m not a Gentle Giant fan, & actually thought that I really dis-liked them, this compilation changes my mind, at least a little bit. The quirkiness of the band is fine, sometimes I like that. The vocals are OK. The music is great, but, again, quirky. It reminds me of Frank Zappa music. While I don’t really like his music, you can’t argue that it’s good. With Zappa, I think it’s more of the vocals. With Gentle Giant, I’m just not sure where they want to go. This album takes tracks from the first 3 albums & are re-mixed with precision by Steven Wilson. Even though I may not be a fan of Gentle Giant, this album made me want to listen except maybe 1 or 2 tracks. I’d give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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Christina Pluhar ~ Handel Goes Wild

handel goes wild


This is NOT a rock review. This is a classical mixed with opera review. I am not a fan of opera. I generally like the music, but, not a fan of operatic vocals. This is the case with me here. I can really get behind the music. It is played well, but, when the singer sings it takes it away for me. For those of you who like opera, I think that you’ll really enjoy this. Her vocals are much better than what I’ve heard previously. With this album, you get over 75 minutes of great classical music with some opera mixed in.

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Darryl Way ~ Underground

Darryl Way ~ Underworld


It took me a little bit longer again, as I had to digest this 3 CD set of Underground written & performed (violins & keyboards) by Darryl Way. Along with Curved Air founder, Darryl Way, you also have Richard Mead on guitars & Pete Skinner on drums. Vocalists include Graham Foote, Sarah Vaughan, Bryan Walters, James Goodman, Nicola Avino, Rachel de Cock, Cassie McIvor, Naomi Harvey, Juliet Hopkins, & narrators Rob Wheeler & John Guilor. While this is supposed to be a rock opera, it most definately is not. A rock opera has no narrators. It tells the story without narration. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the story which includes love, sex, betrayal, revenge, & of course Rock & Roll, but, not a rock opera. “Tommy” by the WHO was a rock opera, this was more of a musical play. A great story, great music, what more could you need? The main singer seems to have that Dennis DeYoung sound. At one point I felt like I could’ve been listening to “Kilroy Was Here” by STYX. The voices were all strong. This CD set will keep you entertained for hours. Certainly worth the time & money. I rate this 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars, only because I wanted more music.

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Mr. Big ~ Defying Gravity

mr big defying_gravity_cover


Mr. Big is another band that I never really listened to, but, after listening to “Defying Gravity”, I may need to reconsider this. I really enjoyed this album full of hard rock & pop, with swirling guitars, good vocals & songwriting, bombastic drums & of course that wonderful bass playing of Billy Sheehan. You can really feel the rhythm section melding together with Billy Sheehan along with Matt Starr, who will be Mr. Big’s fill in drummer since Pat Torpey was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Pat will be working on the album as a drum programmer & filling in on percussion. Eric Martin & Paul Gilbert flow together as one on guitars. 4 original members on this album & it rocks. The back catalogue may need for me to listen to them as well…if I can find them. I rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Buy this NOW!

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