Focus Family Album




Sometimes these FAMILY albums work, sometimes they don’t. I’ve listened to quite a few of these & some of them, I really like, some, I don’t. In this case, I’d say it’s right in the middle. I like hearing the unknown, for me, songs from FOCUS. What I don’t like is hearing are the tracks from Pierre Van Der Linden or Swung. These tracks are nothing other than drum solos. I don’t really want to hear 3-5 minutes of a mediocre drum solo. I should point out, for me, I don’t really want to hear drum solos period, unless it’s something special. There are some, but, few. Swung does give us a decent track with Raga Reverence 5. I do like hearing where the band has come from or gone to. In this case, the FOCUS songs are the ones that stand out. I should also point out, that FOCUS with JAN AKKERMAN focused (pun intended) on the musicianship of the band, so the band didn’t have many vocals. There was yodaling, but vocals? This is more vocal than any other FOCUS album that I’ve heard ever. I rate this 3 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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