Various Artists ~ Bongo Boy Homestead Volume 5

Once again, Bongo Boy makes another compilation of mostly singer songwriter songs. from many artists. Some are better than others, but all have great production on their songs. There are 20 sons on 2 CD’s. The bands are E.G. Holmes, Harp & Plow, Clark Ford, Todd Barrow, Blind Lemon Pledge, John Edwin & The Banjodasha Hillbillies, Frank Trousdell, Point Taken, Pete James, Raymond Materick, Junior Burke, Norman Collins & The Tumblers, Gar Francis, and Greg Guba. My favorite songs on this compilation are “Always Be Here For You” by POINT TAKEN & “What The Cat Dragged In” by NORMAN Collins & The Tumblers. This album did have a sort of old country feeling to it. It also had some new country music in it as well. While this was not my favorite album by Bongo Boy, there is enough good music to keep me listening. AS the 2nd album started to wind down, the better music came in. I give this album 3.5 Music Guru stars.

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