Judy Collins ~ White Bird

This is the first time that I’ve ever really listened to Judy Collins. Of course, I’ve heard the hit “Both Sides Now” which was a big hit for her, but, never really heard other music from her. This album, which she recorded at the age of 81, is wonderful. Her voice sounds wonderful. At 81, she can still hit notes that most people 2o years her senior can’t hit. The songs that she sings, including “Both Sides Now” have been re-done entirely, with a different sound. Songs include “Turn, Turn, Turn”, “Chelsea Morning”, “Blackbird”, a cover of the Beatles song, “Send In The Clowns”, & “Both Sides Now” written by Joni Mitchell, and a big hit for Judy from over 50 years ago. Also, “White Bird”, originally by It’s A Beautiful Day. These are songs that brought joy to Judy Collins, and she really does a great job of bringing in a new generation a chance to hear these gems. I really liked this album & would recommend this to everyone. I give this 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars. I may be listening to more Judy Collins in the future. Give this a listen!!

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