Alan Parsons ~ The Neverending Show Live In The Netherlands

Alan Parsons is a very talented man. Not only did he MAKE the albums “Abbey Road” from the Beatles, “Dark Side Of The Moon” from Pink Floyd & Ambrosia’s debut album, he also did some great albums of his own. This live album includes music going all the way back to Alan’s 1st album “Tales Of Mystery & Imagination (by Edgar Allen Poe)”, it goes through a whole history of the Alan Parsons Project & beyond. There are songs from “I Robot”, “Pyramid”, “Eye In The Sky”,”Ammonia Avenue”, “Vulture Culture”, and others. There are many different singers on this album, as there were on the different albums coming out from Mr. Parsons. This album gave me great joy, as Alan Parsons was a staple in my music listening throughout most of my life. Give this a listen, I think that yoou’ll really enjoy it. I give this 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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