Peter Banks with David Cross ~ Crossover

David Cross & Peter Banks - Crossoveer


This was an album that originally started back in 2010. Unfortunately guitarist Peter Banks died in 2013. David Cross felt unable to continue with this project. 10 years later, we finally see the album take place with guest stars. The guest stars are Geoff Downes on keyboards, Tony Kaye on Hammond organ, Billy Sherwood on bass, Oliver Wakeman on keyboards, Jeremy Stacey on drums, Jay Schellen also on drums, Randy Raine-Reusch on world instruments, Andy Jackson on sound effects, Pat Maselotto on drums & drum synths, & Tony Lowe on bass, keyboards & string parts, and, of course Peter Banks on guitar & David Cross on violin. The first 3 songs are great. It sets you up for a great album. Unfortunately “The Work Within” & “Missing Time” don’t hold up to the first 3 songs. Song 6, “Plasma Drive” gets a bit better. “Laughing Strange” & ” Crossover” finish off the album with style. This album is not the best, nor is it the worst. It certainly has people who know how to play their instuments. Song 4 & 5 (see above), take such a drastic measure to the current King Crimson vibe, which doesn’t work for me. 5 out of 8 songs that are very good is not a bad count. For me, I’ll give it 4 Music Guru stars. Let me know what you think.

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