Strider ~ Damnation Of Steel



This is an album by Strider. Back in the day, the music on this album would have surpassed many bands. The vocalist doesn’t do much for me, but, you may like it. The first song, his vocals really didn’t fit, the 2nd song, he seemed to fit right into the groove. This, made me feel a bit better after hearing the 2nd song. The songs that followed went back & forth with me, as far as the vocals. The music however was right on par throughout the whole album. The band is Niko Kristian on guitars & vocals, Ville on GuitarEemeli & guitars, Mardewar on bass, and, Tuska E on drums. I give this album 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru stars. You may like it more. Blues Rock with some power with a previous guitarist that has worked with Roger Daltrey, Rod Stewart, Nick Lowe, and the Faces. This album, is from a band from Finland. Also, not the same musicians that were around in the 1970’s, where Strider (same band???) opened up for the likes of Humble Pie.  If you’re a fan of Hard fast Rock/Metal, you will probably like this more than I did.

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