3.2 with Robert Berry Live at the Sellersville Theater, PA.






This show really made the start of my week. The music of a bunch of bands that Robert Berry had a part in, including 3 (Keith Emerson, Robert Berry & Carl Palmer) who put out 1 album back in 1986. I  even saw the tour for this show at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia. Recently, before the death of Keith Emerson, Robert Berry had been working with his friend Keith, on a new album. Unfortunately, we lost Keith & the project was on hold for a while. With the Emerson Estate’s blessing Robert continued the project, now called 3.2. All of the music was written by Keith Emerson, and played by Robert Berry. Now, Robert is on tour with 3.2, and man, was this show fantastic. Robert Berry on Bass & lead vocals, and his vocals sound better than ever. The musician’s playing with Robert were definatly top notch. On drums, Jimmy Keegan from Spock’s Beard, guitars, Paul Keller, & Andrew Colyer from Circuline, who really played some great keyboards & played Keith’s music just like Keith. The band was perfect. I saw 3 shows this week (this never happens), & this show was the best of the 3. The others were all good (See Steve Hackett & Deep Purple below), but this show just was awesome. After the show I wound up talking with both Robert Berry & Andrew Colyer & found that I had made new friends. After their show, Brand X came on stage & I’ll follow up with a review of that show as well, soon. I also made a new friend in that band as well. Thank you 3.2 for starting off my week with a bang, & I look forward to seeing your full show at a future time. They played songs from 3, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The December People & more. I want more 3.2. I rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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