Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue ~ The Collection

Roger C Reale


This album was recorded in the 1970’s. Part 1 of this album was released as “Radioactive”, part 2 was recorded & never made it into production. This music has been sitting in the vaults for many decades until Roger C. Reale went to court to get his music back. Roger won, & now you get to hear the original album, as well as the 2nd album that was recorded, but, never put out. It is now out & if you’re a fan of punk & rock, this may be the album for you. There are other musicians on this album that you may know as well. They are MICK RONSON, on guitar, best known for playing with DAVID BOWIE during his Ziggy Stardust years & also, Ian Hunter. Also on the first part of the album, you have G.E. Smith on guitar, best known for his work on the Saturday Night Live Band. Both are extremely great guitar players, but, there is no lead guitar playing, which sort of let me down, but, with punk, it’s not really about the music, as much as it is about the message. Also, Hilly Michaels (Sparks, Ian Hunter Band) on drums, Jimmy McAllister (Sparks, Mick Ronson Band) on guitars & vocals, & Roger C. Reale on lead vocals & bass. I give this 3.5 Music Guru stars, if you’re into punk, you will rate this higher.

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