Greg Holden ~ World War Me

Greg Holden


Take a bit of Rock mix it with a smidge of alternative & add POP & you’ll get the new album from Greg Holden, titled World War Me. It seems to me that this album is a very much about life. Probably about his own life, which do make some of the greatest songs to come out in the world. There are other songs about other things, like “I’m Not Your Enemy” which is more about how we need more peace & love in the world, instead of hatred. This album was all Greg Holden. He played the instruments, sang & recorded it all. Favorite songs on this album for me are “Chase The Money” & “The Power Shift”. I expect we’ll be hearing more from Greg Holden. This gets 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars. Each song is really, really good. Keep up the great work.

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