Black Magic ~ Wizard’s Spell



The first song on this album, “Black Magic”, which is just a 51 second intro into a much faster paced song called “Flite Of The Wizard”. It has a good rhythm to it, which keeps you going. “Voodoo Curse” gives you a guitar driven song which has a lot of soloing on it. There are no vocals on this song. Next up on this album is a song called “Thunder”. It is very hard to hear what the vocalist is singing about, but, the range is really good on this song. Another formula driven song, “Death Militia”, keeps your heart pumping with the drums never stopping. “The Ritual (Reap Of Evil Demo)” is another short intro song filling in for about 1:15. The next track, “Night Of Mayhem (Reap Of Evil Demo)” is probably my least favorite song on this album. The music is OK, but the vocals are really rough. Although the following song “Possessed” may actually be worse than the previous song. The vocals are even more harsh to the ear. “Embraced”, the last song on the album is a bit slower, but again, the vocals are REALLY ROUGH on this song. 5 out of 9 songs are decent, the other 4 are OK if you don’t mind harsh vocals. I give this 3 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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