The Doughboys ~ Running For Covers

Doughboys - Running For Cover


The doughboys are covering some great songs on this album. The band is tight, the vocals are really good & the songs picked are perfect for for Gar’s range. Starting off strong with 96 tears, then going into a Kinks song which is more or less a B-side. The only problem with this song, is with a Kinks song, you really need Ray Davies vocals, otherwise the album is awesome. Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man” was a little too fast for my taste, but, again, the Doughboys did it in their style. They do a great cover of the Band’s “The Shape I’m In”. Another one of my favorites was their cover of the Osmond Brothers “Yo-Yo”. Also covered was the Rolling Stones “Play With Fire”, & the Beatles “It’s All Too Much”. Most of these covers, but, not all of them, were B side songs. Great songs but, not the single. There are 13 songs total on this album & all are done with that fine Doughboys flavor. I rate this 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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