Ruphus ~ New Born Day, & Ranshart

Ruphus ~ New Born Day

Ruphus ~ Ranshart


Considering that I consider myself a prog guy, I’ve never heard of this great progressive rock band before. Now that I have, I can’t wait to hear more. These albums are originally done in 1973, & 1974 & have just been re-released for a new generation. With a sound similar to Uriah Heep & early Journey before Steve Perry came into the band, you will find yourself really groovin’ to these tunes. I certainly did & I really liked both of these albums. New Born Day, the debut album from Ruphus, is a bit better, in my opinion, but, again, both albums are awesome. Most of the songs on New Born Day are within the 5-6 minute range with the exception of “Day After Tomorrow which comes in closer to the 9 minute mark. New Born Day is very keyboard driven, similar to Uriah Heep & the songs have that same great feel. No high male vocals for the most part. Ranshart is the album from 1974 & while it still has that great feel to it, it seems a little more clean & produced. Like the previous album, most songs are in the 6 minute range, but, this time, there are 2 songs over 8 minutes each. These 2 albums will most likely make it on my Best of 2019 list. I give both of these albums 5 Music Guru stars, but again, New Born Day beats out Ranshart by a bit. Give it a listen & tell me what you think.

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