Be-bop Deluxe ~ Futurama 3 CD set

Bebop Deluxe


This CD Set came as a surprise to me, since they’ve been around since 1972. The first CD which is much rougher to listen to than CD 2 or CD 3. Futurama is the 2nd album released by Be-bop Deluxe in 1975.  Disc 1 is the original mix remastered. Disc 2 is a new stereo mix of the same album. After listening to both of them, I hear a big difference in disc 2. Disc 3 is some live tracks from the BBC. All of these tracks have not been released prior. I was very surprised that I have never listened to Be-bop Deluxe before since I have been listening to music for over 50 years. Now that I’ve heard this set, I may have to remedy that. Again, disc 1 & disc 2 are the exact same tracks, but, sound entirely different. Disc 1 has 2 extra bonus tracks, while disc 2 has 4 extra bonus tracks, of which 2 of them are the same as disc 1, but, with a different mix. I would give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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