The Who at Citizen’s Bank Park May 25, 2019

Who 5-25-19 E  Who 5-25-19 A  Who 5-25-19 B  Who 5-25-19 C  Who 5-25-19 D


The home of the Philadelphia Phillies brought The Who to their home on this night. I don’t know if this is going to be the last WHO show (I hope not), but this was not one of the better Who shows that I’ve seen. Nothing bad, but, it WAS outdoors, which made the sound not as good as it usually is. They did have an orchestra with them, which I was unaware of before the show. The orchestra performed very well, but, the acoustics didn’t work very well for them either. Starting off with “Overture” from “Tommy” then playing more songs from “Tommy” including one of my favorites “Sparks”. They also played “Pinball Wizard…of course. Ending off the “Tommy” set with “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. After that, they went into “Who Are You”, “Eminence Front”, “Imagine A Man” (My favorite at this show, as they don’t normally perform this song on most tours), “Join Together”, “Substitute” & “I Can See For Miles”. Next up was “Behind Blue Eyes”, then an acoustic version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with just Pete on guitar & Roger on vocals, which then went into Tea & Theatre”. Next up on the set was a “Quadrophenia” set with “The Real Me (Boy, I missed John Entwistle on this song…BIG TIME), “I’m One”, “The Punk And The Godfather”, “5:15”, “Drowned”, “The Rock” & of course, “Love Reign O’er Me”. Ending off the night with a great version of “Baba O’Riley” with the orchestra 1st chair violin player doing that great part. Another great part of the show. If this is their last show, I was a bit disappointed. I would have expected more songs from different eras. Maybe more B-Sides, like “Imagine A Man”. Normally A Who show would always get 5 Music Guru stars from me, but, this time I would have to give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars. The people at Citizen’s Bank Park were very nice & even solved a problem that Ticketmaster gave them. I applaud these hard workers at Citizen’s Bank Park.

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