Consider The Source ~You Are Literally A Metaphor

Consider The Source


There is no doubt that this band, Consider The Source, has some talent. There are 3 members in this band. They are Gabriel Marin on Fretted/Fretless Guitar/Guitar Synth, Dombra and Balta Saz. Also, John Ferrara on Bass, Banjo Bass, Custom Taurus Pedals and Slapstick Piano, & also Jeff Mann on Drums & Percussion. They all do their job & do it well. There are 9 songs on this album & most of them are upbeat. They remind me of a later King Crimson with some of the sounds that I heard. All of the songs are instrumental, so don’t wait for any vocals, just get lost in the music & be happy. I really liked the song “When You’ve Loved And Lost Like Frankie Has”. There is no keyboards in the making of this album. These guys can really play & I think you should give this a listen. I give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Possibly more if I listen more.

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