Oz Noy’s Booga Looga Loo

Oz Noy's Booga Looga Loo


Jazz is something you’re going to either love or just not care about. I like jazz. This is something new for Oz Noy as he is usually a heavy shred kind of guitar player. He decided to put out a jazz album with some R&B & even some pop. You can still hear the distortion pedals & effect pedals playing in the music, but there are some nice passages that float through this album. This album reminds me a lot of some of the King Crimson stuff that I’ve listened to. The piano & keyboard parts are wonderfully carried out. Boogaloo Fever seems to stick out as THE TRACK on this album for me. There is 1 song with vocals which is a cover of the Beatles “Eight Days A Week”. This version is a bit different, at least with the solos. There is also a cover of the Beach Boys “God Only Knows”, which happens to be one of my favorite Beach Boys songs. This one is instrumental. Very nicely done. “I Got A Woman” brings in the horn section. If you’re gonna play jazz, you need some horns. Oz Noy, Dave Weckl, & Jimmy Haslip & some other friends as well, make up Oz Noy’s Booga Looga Loo. I give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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