Humble Pie ~ Joint Effort

Humble Pie


This all new 2019 release of Humble Pie was originally released previously as “Running With The Pack”, which is why I thought that I had heard these tracks before, but apparently not a new album, but an album of lost tapes which did not get released at the time they were recorded. Both albums were recorded in 1974 – 1975. I don’t know if this version was re-mastered, but, “Joint Effort” did sound a bit cleaner than “Running With The Pack”. The band did dis-band shortly after this album. There are pluses & minuses to this album, but, if you’re a Humble Pie fan, you’ll enjoy this. This was the post Peter Frampton version of the band with Dave Clempson taking Peter Frampton’s place. Steve Marriott on guitars & vocals, Greg Ridley on bass, & Jerry Shirley on drums make up the rest of Humble Pie. The opening song “Think”, a cover of James Brown’s (not written by James Brown), is a funky version of the song, which is not to my liking, but, the rest of the album seems to bring the PIE sound back into the fold. There is a cover of the Beatles “Rain”, which was to my liking. A bit more raw than the Beatles song, but, it did appeal to me. I give this 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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