Lance King ~ ReProgram

lance king - reprogram


The new album from Lance King (Pyromaze, Avian, Balance of Power, Gemini) brings you his second solo album. His fiorst album was great. This one is even better. The album starts you off strong with a quick pace heart thumping song called “ReProgram”, which is the title track. The second track, “Pointing Fingers” starts off with a pretty, melodic line, on the keyboard, then goes right back into pumping up the volume. “Technology” is really very bass heavy and that may get the technology part of the song across strongly. After a long jam in the beginning of “Reaction Formation” the song goes into a beautiful song that to me, would make a great second single. “Limitless”, the first single of the album is another great song, but I liked “Reaction Formation” much more. “Wide Open” has a comfortable feeling  as you listen to it. “Chaotica”, while not a bad song, to me, is probably the weakest song on the album. Another possible hit could be “Spell Of Domestication”, but that would be an album oriented track. Another single ends the album. “A Mind At War”, again starts off with a beautiful keyboard part and continues with a wonderful melodic lyrical line that flows throughout the song. The band is on fire and Lance’s voice is right on par. I give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars only because on certain songs, the bass is too much in the mix. Everything else is superb.

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