A Pale Horse Named Death ~ When The World Becomes Undone



The first thing That I would think when I play this album, is that they sound very similar to later Alice In Chains. The only difference is there was not much guitar solos. There were a few, but only 1 that I really picked out. Sal Abruscato, the vocalists & guitarist for the band took demos & combed through 4 years worth of music along with the band, Eddie Heedles (Guitar), Joe Taylor (Guitar), Eric Morgan (Bass), & Johnny Kelly (Drums) & picked out the songs that make up this album, then went into the studio to make this. A bit of a dark album, but, we are living in darker times, which is exactly what Sal’s thoughts were when he was thinking about this album. Does it work? Sure. Is it great? I would say no, but, if you’re a fan of later Alice In Chains, you’ll probably like this more than I do. I would give this 3 out of 5 Music Guru stars. Best song on the album, for me, was “Dreams Of The End”.


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