Best of 2018

Best of 2018


A little late, but I was trying to catch up on some last minute albums. So, in no particular order…

Roger Daltrey – As Long As I Have You (The best Daltrey album I’ve heard in a long time).

Yuka & Chronoship – Ship (Great Progressive Rock)

Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash – The Beauty Of Chaos (Makes you wish that Turner & Powell would get back together. Both great artists could make great even better than great).

Fernando Perdomo – Out To Sea (A great album with a lot of soul).

Enuff Z’nuff – Diamond Boy (A great comeback album).

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – Glamping EP (Only 4 songs, but, you’ll wish there were more).

Renaissance – A Symphonic Journey (A concert with the band & an orchestra).

Spock’s Beard – Noise Floor (This band is a band that you MUST listen to).

Ayreon – Best of Ayreon Live DVD – This was a great show to watch & listen to. I didn’t know much of the songs, but, I will go back to see what I’ve missed).

Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta – Soul Redemption (Get lost in the groove of this one, you’ll love it.

Various Artists – A 50th Anniversary of YES (What more needs to be said).

Cody Carpenter’s Independence (This gem will take you by surprise. Prog & fusion together again.

Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto of an Alchemist (Another great album from the leader of the Flower Kings).

Mathews Southern Comfort – Like A Radio (This band is back…& better than ever).

RTFACT – Life Is Good (A band that I’d love to hear more from).

Kayak – Seventeen (A band that I really should have listened to, long before now).

Eliot Lewis – Adventure (A great musician with a lot of talent).

Magic Dance – New Eyes (Great music in the vibe of the 80’s).

Legacy Pilots – Con Brio (A Super group with great chops).

Martin Barre – Road Less Traveled (I can see why we don’t hear any more Jethro Tull albums, Barre was a BIG part of the band).

The Unity – Rise (Van Halen meets Asia? How can you go wrong).

Various Artists – Let’s Have A Rockin’ Christmas (Another great compilation from the Bongo Boy crew).

Tremonti – A Dying Machine (A concept album with a book following).

Various Artists – A Life In Yes: A Tribute To Chris Squire (Great musicians doing YES songs. What else do you need?).

The Sea Within – Self Titled (A Super group that wishes to be called a Amalgamation of serious talent).

Inner Wish – Inner Strength (Re-Issue) – (Great metal band that should be heard).

Anneke Van Giersbergan – Symphonized (A great album with an orchestra that really makes a difference).

Riverside – Wasteland (Polish Prog Band comes back with another winner).

Uriah Heep – Living The Dream – 25 albums, all good. Takes me back to the 70’s).

Gin Blossoms – Mixed Reality (Back & Better than ever)

Aeon Zen – Ephemera – Game Of The Year Edition (A concept album in progressive rock).

3.2 Keith Emerson & Robert Berry (Very close to an ELP album).

Aisles – Live From Estudio Del Sur EP (A great band with great music).

Vanilla Fudge – The Spirit of ’67 (Vanilla Fudge doing covers from the year of 1967).

Wishbone Ash – Twin Barrels Burning (Andy Powell’s band is smokin’ on this album, but, it still makes me yearn for Martin to join the band).

Tommy Shaw – Sing For The Day DVD (Acoustic Styx with an orchestra. Fun to listen to, more fun to watch).

Various Artists – Love Is (Another fine  collaboration from Bongo Boy Records).

Daryl Way – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons In Rock (Daryl doing what he does best).

The Walkabout – Things are looking up (Prog meets Pop meets Alternative).

Neal Morse – Life & Times (Another great album by Neal Morse & his friends).

Static And Surrender – Self Titled (Could be my favorite new band of the year).

Again, I may have missed some stuff, but, again I apologize.




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