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As I get older, I find, I’m not really that fond of live albums. There are some exceptions, where the artist(s) make their songs different than on the original version. However, when I listen to a live album of a band that I’m familiar with, but, not a follower of, I find new songs that I’m not familiar with that I like. In this case, 2 songs on this album that make me want to hear more from Collective Soul. They are “The World I Know” (which is a known track) & “Needs”. These 2 songs make me want to go out & hear more from the band that I hadn’t heard before, other than the hits. The rest of the album is good as well, as there are a bunch of hits that I had heard before, but, I am that rare breed that likes to hear that music that you wouldn’t hear on the radio in today’s world (Exceptions to Internet Radio). They also play tracks from their newest album, which most people won’t have heard yet. That too, is a plus. The Roland brothers give a good go on this album with the rest of the band. I give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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