The Sea Within

Sea Within


This band, which does not wish to be called a super group, has made a fantastic album. Why doesn’t the band want to be called a super group? With Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold, Tom Brislin, Marco Minnemann & Daniel Gildenlow, what else would you call them? They prefer that they be called an Amagamation of serious talent. Both Roine Stolt & Jonas Reingold, both from the Flower Kings, Tom Brislin from Renaissance, Marco Minnemann from The Aristocrats & Daniel Gildenlow from Pain of Salvation, put together this band which really is a progressive rock band, although they don’t really classify themselves as just a progressive rock band either. There are a couple of guests on this album, such as Jon Anderson, Jordan Rudess & Rob Townsend. Casey McPhearson will be taking on the vocals for the live tour, as Daniel is tied up with Pain of Salvation. Casey is a member as well on this album. The music, as you would surmise is fantastic & the vocals are good on some tracks, but not great on others. Even after stating this, I can listen to this album over & over again. I expect that this will be on my best of 2018 list. Please give this a listen & let me know what you think. This is 2 CD’s. Favorite songs are “The Void” & the epic track “Broken Cord”. Most of the songs are within a 5 minute span, but this one (Broken Cord) spans over 14 minutes.  I give this 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars.

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