Anneke Van Giersbergan ~ Symphonized



I don’t like this new album by Anneke Van Giersbergan…I LOVE IT! This album is just about perfect in every way. The main thing to note is there is NO BAND on this album. It is an orchestra. Residentie Orkest The Hague is the name & they really make this album soar. You can hear all of the instruments with different versions from Anneke’s musical history. Included in that will be music from THE GATHERING, VUUR, THE GENTLE STORM, & solo as well. I don’t normally care if a rock star or band does an album with a symphony, but, with no band to take away from the orchestra, makes every instrument stand out, including the strings, percussion, etc. Whether it’s the Cello or the Double Bass, the low end really hits you with the bass line. Little things in the percussion really stand out as well, but, all of the instrument really made this album soar. This album will be in my best of list for 2018. I can guarantee that. Anneke’s voice surely stands out on this as well. More so, than on previous Anneke albums that I’ve heard. I can’t even tell you which songs I liked best, as I liked every single one. This gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars & I highly recommend that you get this one.

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