Light Freedom Revival ~ Truthonomy

Light Freedom Revival


I have mixed emotions about this album. I am a big progressive rock fan & I have always liked the work of both Billy Sherwood & Oliver Wakeman, but, I’m not sure that this album flows for me. The first song “Lies No More” moves along just fine, but as you go further into the album, things seem to go off. The drums don’t always fit where I think they should & the vocals seem to have an effect on them, that they probably don’t need. The song “Judgement Day” really goes off kilter for me. You may know that I love really long songs, but, the 16 minute epic “Truthonomy” goes off at times & just sort of fizzles out for me. Some of the songs are OK, but, I just didn’t groove to this one. The line up on this album is John Vehadija on lead vocals, Billy Sherwood on bass & drums, Oliver Wakeman on piano & keyboards, Eric Gillette, that you may know from the Neal Morse Band, on electric guitar, Jamie Glaser on acoustic guitar, and, Marisa Franz on harmony vocals. I don’t hear very much guitar on this album & Marisa Franz does not need any effects on her vocals. This reminds me more of the band BREATHE than it does any other band, except BREATHE gave a better performance. I give this 3 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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