Uriah Heep ~ Living The Dream

Uriah Heep Living The Dream


Uriah Heep…with that wonderful sound. Yes they’re back with their 25th release. While Bernie Shaw is no David Byron, he is the voice of Uriah Heep since 1986, and Uriah Heep still sound wonderful. Hearing Phil Lanzon on the organ would make Ken Hensley proud. Mick Box on guitars & backing vocals is the only original member left of the original Uriah Heep, formed in 1969. “Grazed By Heaven” starts you off with a heavy rock / progressive rock feel & the rest of the album just continues on in the same vein. “Rocks In The Road”, my favorite track on this album, gives you a nice long taste, with the 8 minute and 18 seconds that Uriah Heep bring forth their take with life & some of the bumps in the road that you may hit. There is some nice keyboards on this as well. Bassist Davey Rimmer does a nice job on this as well. while Russell Gilbrook keeps the rhythm steady on this track. Other songs, he is all over that kit. Mick Box is keeping this legendary band alive & sounding as good as ever. Keep up the excellent work. I rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars.


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