Keith Emerson & Robert Berry 3.2 ~ The Rules Have Changed



This album was to be both a tribute to Keith Emerson & a follow up to the album To The Power Of Three by Emerson, Berry, & Palmer, otherwise known as 3. This album certainly does continue that wonderful 3 sound. Unfortunately, Carl Palmer was not involved with this, while Keith Emerson, who recently passed away, did help with the songwriting & arrangements. Robert Berry does play all of the instruments, which at times, does sound like Keith Emerson. Robert Berry is a great musician, as anyone who has heard his stuff would know. I noticed that his voice, to me, seemed to have gotten better with age. I really like this album, & is the closest that I’ve had to an ELP album since Emerson & Lake Live. Unfortunately, this was only a concert of the 2 of them playing their old music. I did love that album as well, but, with this album, we get new Emerson music (sort of). There are 8 songs on this album, although it’s listed as 9. “One by One” starts off with a nice piano opening, then goes off into that wonderful 3 sound that came out way back in 1988. Going into string mode & synth mode as Keith did. “Powerful Man” almost starts off with the sound of “8 Miles High” that was a hit for 3 back then. You can tell that Carl Palmer is missing from the song “The Rules Have Changed”. Robert almost went Greg Lake with “This Letter”, but then he goes all Emerson about halfway through the song. If you’re a fan of ELP or 3, you will love this album. I give this album 5 out of 5 Music Guru stars. I wish that Carl Palmer would have been involved however, but Robert Berry did both Keith Emerson & Carl Proud with 3.2.

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