Tommy Shaw ~ Sing For The Day DVD/Blue Ray

Tommy Shaw & CYO Tommy Shaw & CYO 3Tommy Shaw & CYO 2  Tommy Shaw & CYO 4


You all know Tommy Shaw from Styx, but, his solo career is pretty awesome as well. Most of the songs that Tommy performs are Styx songs but he does also perform some solo songs & a couple of Damn Yankees songs. The DVD starts off with Tommy’s Girls With Guns, which is a great song. Did I forget to mention that most of the songs were done acoustically along with Will Evankovich & the Contemporary Youth Orchestra to celebrate the 10th anniversary when Styx recorded their CD with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra. Tommy, as always, was in prime form. His guitar playing, mandolin playing & his vocals were all in prime form. Exceptional. Will Evankovich was also in great form. The orchestra, also, was in prime form. These are kids, who excel in their instruments & vocals for the choir. Tommy had a great time with everybody, orchestra & parents in the seats. One student, Lavinia Pavlish, who performed on the concert recorded with Styx  in 2006, returned for this reunion. The orchestra was conducted by Liza Grossman, who got in touch with Tommy Shaw to commemorate the 10th anniversary & made this all happen. Watching these musicians perform with Tommy Shaw was a treat to watch. All I can say about the DVD/Blue Ray is GO OUT AND BUY THIS! It is available in both DVD & Blue Ray, which are sold separately. There are 4 bonus songs which show pictures of things during this day, while the songs are being played. Tommy Shaw, in my opinion is one of the greatest guitar players in the rock field. I rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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