The Walk-a-bout ~ Things Are Looking Up



This album took me by surprise. Not knowing what to expect, or know anything about this band, and then I listen, as my ears start crying tears of joy. This album is fantastic. There are only 6 songs on this album, but, just listen to this wonderful band. 2 of the songs on this album, have been previously released, but, I’ve never heard them before. Listening to this blend of Progressive Rock meets Pop meets Alternative Folk Rock and this is what you get. The song “By My Side” reminded me of an REM song. “Things Are Looking Up” is definately more in the Prog vibe. The song “Consequences” slightly reminded of a Supertramp song. All 6 of these songs are wonderful. Working with 2 vocalists, this band has different sounds. When they play off each other, the sound is spot on. The band consists of Kevin Anderson on Acoustic guitars, Darren “Sully” Sullivan on lead vocals & harp, Drew “Drumz” Bertrand, Michael Perotta on bass, & Dave Christian on electric guitar & backing vocals. This ia an album of pure fun. Give this one a listen. I think you’ll really enjoy it. I give this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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