Roger Daltrey at the Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA. June 19, 2018


Roger Daltrey, lead singer & frontman for The Who came to Philadelphia to do a solo show with his band, which also includes Simon Townshend, Jon Button, & Frank Simes from The Who. The show also included the Philadelphia Orchestra playing the Who’s album “Tommy”. The orchestra added nuances to what to me is such a perfect album, but, slightly added to it, especially if you’re there to see it, & not just listening. The Overture started out with the band & the orchestra & really flushed this song out incredibly. During “Pinball Wizard” when Jon Button played the bass part, which, of course, nobody, but nobody could play it like John Entwistle, but, when the orchestra added to the bass line, I almost felt as if John was in the building. The only bad part that I can say about this show is that it was too short. 1 1/2 hours of music is not enough for me at the cost of ticket prices today. However, it was for a good cause. The proceeds went to the Teenage Cancer Trust, which is a charity that both Roger & Pete (Townshend) support. So, I will take that as consolation. The music was great, Roger’s voice was in good prime form. 3 songs followed the “Tommy” album. “Who are you”, “Baba O’Riley” which they brought out a beautiful violin player named Katie Jacoby to end the song, which I thought was astonishing, & Roger solo song from his new album titled “As Long As I Have You”. The song was “Always Heading Home”, in which Jon Button played an electric upright bass. I would rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars, & I highly recommend that you see this show, if you’re lucky enough to have it show up in your city. Coming up soon, a review of the new Roger Daltrey album.

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