Dobbeltgjenger ~ Limbohead



This album starts off a bit rough, although the first song is OK, it’s not a great song. The album goes slightly downhill from there…however, come to the 6th song titled “In Limbo”, which to me is the best track on the album, gives me more faith in the album. The rest of the album is much better than the first half. The last song titled “Mangrove” is a bit more progressive in it’s style. Not a great album, but, not a bad one either. I give this 3 Music Guru stars. Since I last wrote this in February, I now have re-listened and have changed a little bit of my thoughts. Here are the new thoughts…

This album starts off weak, but, as you continue to listen, it gets stronger. Starting off with “Tin Foil Hat”, which I really liked, was still a bit on the weaker side, but, still not a bad track. As they continue through their garage band sound, they finally get to “In Limbo” which could be their single, except as you go furin my stther into the album, the tracks keep getting better on this album. “Radio” was a strong song for another possible single as was the last song on the album, titled “Mangrove”. This album grew on me as I continued listening. I rate this 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Not much of a change, but, still better than originally thought.


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