Tempest ~ Thirty Little Turns

Tempest ~ 30-little-turns_thm


This is the 2nd album that I’ve heard from Tempest & while I’m not a fan of most of Lief Sorbye’s vocals, the musicianship is enough for me to get over this hurdle. Along with guitar, bass & drums, most of the album revolves around instruments such as mandolins, mandoguitar, flute, pennywhistle, & fiddle. The musicians other than Leif Sorbye, is Adolfo Lazo on drums, Kathryn Buys on the fiddle & harmonies, Josh Fossgreen on bass & harmonies, & Ab Menon on electric guitars. You also get the great Robert Berry playing keyboards. Tempest on their last album that I heard was a cover of the Grass Roots “Let’s Live For Today”. On this album, they cover the Beatles “Norwegian Wood”. While I said that I didn’t like Leif’s vocals, he works this song very well. There are other tracks that he does as well, but, for me, not enough so. I do like this album. Give it a try & tell me what you think. I rate this 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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