RTFACT ~ Life Is Good



This band featuring some great musicians really cook up some great music. The band features Jeff Scott Soto, Nad Sylvan & Will Champlin on vocals, Oz Noy, Jeff Kollman, Rafael Moreira, & Josh Smith on guitars, Gary Meek on flute & sax, Edward Tsiselsky on keyboards, Dmitry Hugdin on synthesizers, EugeneSharikov on bass & Joel Taylor on drums. As they start you off with a weak song titled “Life Is Good”, which is the title track for the album, they progressively get stronger with each song. My favorite song on the album is “The King, The Master And The Timekeeper”, which not only sounds like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but, is a tribute to them. This song really could’ve been an ELP song, if I didn’t know better. I rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Keep up the great work & I can’t wait to hear more from RTFACT.

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