Neal Morse ~ Life & Times

Neal Morse Life-and-Times-HiRes


This is an entirely different take on what Neal Morse usually does on his albums. This is sort of an acoustic album. There are no bombastic drums, no flowing keyboards, no wailing guitars. What you do get, are fantastic songs crafted from life. Starting off with a song titled “Livin’ Lightly”, this song is a beautiful song with Neal on guitars, keyboards & some percussion. No Mike Portnoy on this album, but, with the great songwriting on this album & the acoustic feel (even though there are slight keyboards floating around on this album), you don’t need him…for this album. All of the songs on this album could be things that you, Neal, or I could have lived through. So many great songs, that I’m not sure that I can pick a favorite. There is a somber song in the middle titled “He Died At Home”, which might describe how a soldier feels about the life that he chose, and what may happen. Right after this somber song, Neal gets bubbly, almost with glee with the song “She’s Changed Her Mind”. So many great songs, 1 great album. I really can’t pick a favorite song. They’re all good. 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Get this album today.

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