Yes ~ Topographic Drama

Yes ~ Topographic Drama


Before I start this review, I must tell you, that I love the band YES. Like the ELO album before this album review, I don’t hear the live ambiance that I should get from a live album. To me, this seems like a YES’ Greatest hits, except all of the songs on here weren’t hits. You have the entire, “Drama” album played, along with other songs including some from “Tales From Topographic Oceans” as well as some of the hits. The music, as always is in fine form, but, I don’t see the need for this album, if you already have these 2 albums, plus a greatest hits album. Again, I love the music of YES, & certainly enjoyed listening to this one too, but, again, didn’t see the need for this album. Maybe if it came with a DVD of the concert, I could appreciate it more. How about a new YES album, guys. I rate this 3 out of 5 Music Guru Stars, as I couldn’t give any YES album less than a 3. Most of them are 5. I also miss the thumping bass of Chris Squire, as well as Jon Anderson, but, he wasn’t on the “Drama” album, so not so with that portion. Geoff Downes playing the music that he made famous with YES was nice to hear.


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