Europe ~ Walk The Earth

europe walktheearthcd


As Europe comes back into the 2010’s with this great album sounding more like Uriah Heep or maybe even Styx, in it’s current incarnation, yet keeping their own sound, yet renewed for the current times. The band sounds great & the vocals soar. This CD also comes with a DVD of Europe at Abbey Road Studios with the band doing interviews at the studio, which happens to be Abbey Road Studios. The film is in black & white, although I’m not sure why. Getting back to the album, the band goes beyond what they’ve done before. Some songs have a very reminiscent of  earlier music, not just from Europe, but, from other bands as well. All of the songs on the album are excellent, but, my favorite would have to be the title track “Walk The Earth”. This song could be an anthem for people fighting back. It would work in a number of films as well. The end of the album sounds like an old 78 RPM record playing jazz for the finale for about 20-30 seconds. Some of the fun stuff that they use to do in the old days. I rate this album 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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