Various Artists ~ Homestead Volume One


This one is a little harder to describe than any other Bongo Boy release. This release seems to favor a country flair with mostly acoustic guitars along with some other instruments involved. Some tracks are good. Some not so much. Katheryn Shipley’s “Shine Your Love”, which almost favors a gospel song starts the album off. This was a great song to get someone excited to hear what was coming next. The only problem is some of what follows is not very good. Some of it is good, but, again, some not. One track, while I did not like the vocals, I really liked the lyrics was Bobby Rue’s “I Like The Days”. It really brought me back to my days growing up. As I said, some tracks I liked, some not so much. Give it a listen, you tell me what you think. I rate this 3 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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