Various Artists ~ Raw & Reckless Rock Bands Vol 2



This is a GREAT album. Perfect for putting your top down in your convertible & cruising. Great production on all except maybe 2 songs on this 15 song compilation. Songs from the Corridors, Bruce Lev, Gar Francis, Lon Michaels, Raftree & more. Starting off strong with “Devil Of Love” by Rezmanian Devils Society & going strong all the way up to about the last 2 songs. Neither one, I really liked, which did surprise me since the last one was by Lon Michaelss & I did like his earlier track on the album. My favorites on the album were “I Am A Music Man” by Wayne Olivieri, and “Explorer Of Life” by Charles Brown, an instrumental which reminded me of Foreigner’s “Tramontane”, which was one of my favorite songs from the Double Vision album. This compilation gets 4 out of 5 stars due to the last 2 songs & maybe 1 other. All in all, still a great album.




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