Todd Rundgren ~ White Knight

Todd Rundgren ~ White Knight


This album, to me, is one of the best Todd Rundgren albums that I’ve heard since “Adventures In Utopia”. The only problem that I had with this album is a lack of good drums, since most of the tracks are drum machines. Todd works with some of the finest drummers including The Tubes’ Prairie Prince. I know he’s on this album somewhere, but, he should play drums on each track instead of the drum machine that I heard on some tracks. Other than that, Todd’s vocals are good, as are Robyn’s vocals, on the song “That Could Have Been Me”. Another friend from Philadelphia, Darryl Hall, shares vocals with Todd on “Chance With Us”. Other musicians on the album include Trent Reznor & Donald Fagen. This is a gem of an album. I give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. It would have received 5 if not for the drum machines.

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