STYX ~ The Mission



I listened to this album & had some questions buzzing through my head. Why does Tommy Shaw not do much singing. He DOES sing, but, Tommy being the front man for the band only sings on a few of the tracks on this album. That being said, even without Tommy singing on most of the album (background vocals not included), This is the best STYX album since “Paradise Theater”. The rest of the STYX albums, following “Paradise Theater” were all very good, just not as good as “The Mission”. Great keyboards, great guitars, & vocals from at least 3 different vocalists. Going back to the great sound that STYX had back in the 1970’s. This seems like a concept album, which I thought, was one of the reasons that they got rid of Dennis DeYoung. Just a mystery to me, but again, a great album for sure. That was one of the other questions buzzing through my head. This album is their first studio album in 14 years. It’s glad to have you back with new music. This gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. I highly recommend this album.


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