Gentle Knife ~ Clock Unwound

Gentle Knife


This album, by Norwegian Progressive Rock guys (& gals), with 11 members, is chock full of changes. CLOCK UNWOUND starts off real slow with an intro with piano & horns (trumpet?) then jumps right into a big progressive song titled “The Clock Unwound”. The music doesn’t remind me of Yes’ “Close To The Edge” with it’s slow beginning & then jumping into it’s full fury. This is what these 2 songs remind me of. Sometimes the vocals are off for me, but, none of them are bad. The female vocals definately stand out more than the male vocals, for me. This is another great album from Gentle Knife. Bringing back some 1970’s sounds while bringing in a new fresh vibe. This album will be available to buy on June 15th. This album gets 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. It may get more with repeated listens.

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