Flamin’ Groovies ~ Live 1971 San Francisco

Flamin' Groovies


This band made a name for themselves back in the 60’s – 70’s. This album doesn’t do them justice, however. The sound quality is not very good on this recording, however, back in 1971, unless you were recording from the soundboard for a record, this is usually the sound quality that you got. It seems like this was a bootleg of the band. The band do a lot of covers on this. They do “I Can’t Explain” (The Who), “Shakin’ All Over” (A blues song originally done by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, then covered by the Guess Who, then live with The Who & more). Also, Louie Louie, & Walkin’ The Dog (Done by Rufas Thomas, Rolling Stones, Roger Daltrey, & Aerosmith). The Flamin’ Groovies started the Pre-Punk movement. The quality of the recording is not good. The performance is. I give this 3 Music Guru Stars, mostly for the quality of the tape.

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