Deep Purple ~ Infinite

Deep Purple ~ Infinite

Once again, I have a CD / DVD set, this time from DEEP PURPLE. This band has been around  since the 1960’s & listening to this album, I know how they still reign supreme as one of the great Rock ‘n’ Roll bands.  This new album titled “Infinite” isn’t “Machine Head”, which is Deep Purple’s masterpiece, but, man, is this good. Having only 10 tracks, which takes me back to when albums only had 10 tracks, but, most of these tracks sound just like Deep Purple. The band did have different sounds & members since 1968, This one would make it into my top 5. Standing up against “Shades Of Deep Purple”, “Machine Head” & “Perpendicular”, this album rides along with these great DP albums. The band  members are Ian Paice (Drums, Percussion), is the only original member since 1968, Ian Gillian (Lead vocals, Harmonica, Percussion), being THE VOICE of Deep Purple throughout most of their career. There were some years without Gillian, but, when you hear DP, you think of Gillian as that voice. Roger Glover (Bass), being right there with Ian Gillian for time in the band, starting in 1969 until present with some breaks in between, Steve Morse (Guitars, Back up vocals), one of the new guys on the block, while not new to music fans, will remember him from the Dixie Dregs. Steve, even though, during his time, was rated best guitarist, but, when you ask people of some of their favorite guitarists, do they mention Steve Morse? THEY SHOULD. He is one of the most under-rated guitarists of our time. Listen to any of his work, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Don Airey, replacing Jon Lord on the keyboards is a hard task, but he does a fine job of it. The new album “Infinite” has 1 cover song, “Roadhouse Blues”, which they do a great job on. While not always a big fan of cover songs, this band makes it work, with solos from Steve & Don while Ian Paice & Roger Glover keep the rhythm going (A little jam from Roger as well). The record is produced by Bob Ezrin, one of the great producers of my time. He has worked with people like Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Phish, Peter Gabriel, Bonham, Kansas, & many more. On the DVD, there is a great moment, while in the studio, that Bob Ezrin brings young children into the studio to play “Smoke On The Water” for Deep Purple. The kids were great, & Deep Purple thought so too. This album / DVD gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. BUY IT TODAY!

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