Neal Morse 2015 Morsefest Box set

Morsefest Boxset


This one took me even a bit longer than the ELP Box set as there is not only 4 CD’s of great Prog music, but, also 2 DVD’s that I get to watch as well. I could hear Mike Portnoy pound his way on the drums, like a madman, but, with such precision, following along with Randy George on the bass, Bill Hubauer on Keys & vocals, Eric Gillette on guitars & vocals, and of course there’s Neal…Musician Extraordinaire. Neal has a way of not only writing, playing, & singing great music, but he always makes the audience WANT to join in. There are some guest stars along for the fest. Nick D’Virgilio & Phil Keaggy, who most Progressive Rock people have heard of. Also, there were real strings playing during the show. Cello, Violin, & Percussion also filled the musical air these 2 nights. On the DVD you really get to see each musician shine. I knew these guys could play, man, Randy George was all over that bass neck & I always love watching Mike Portnoy play. I’ve never been a drum fan, but there are a few. Mike Portnoy is one of them. I was wondering, when I listened to the CD, who was singing 2nd lead, only to find out on the DVD that it was Bill Hubauer. Beautiful vocals there. Eric Gillette also has some great vocals as well. At one point, there was a flute on stage. Eric Gillette did the lead guitar on most of the songs, and, again, he did a great job. This set is really really really good. You should definately go out & buy this disc set, so you can not only hear, but see the great performances. This is 2 nights of Morsefest that you won’t want to miss. There is so much more to see on the 2 DVD’s than what you think you hear on the 4 CD’s.  I give this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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