Some more EP’s…


First up we have Reilly. This is a self titled EP featuring 6 songs which are poppy, & give you a feel good feeling. The vocals are nice, extra nice when she harmonizes with herself. The musicianship is good as well. The only bad thing that I can say about the EP is that she needs to use a real drummer. That was the only thing missing that I could hear. Good storytelling & good album. There is also a song by Jack White on the EP. I give this a 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Would’ve been 5 if real drums had been used.


Next up is Black Mirror and their EP titled “Funky Queen”.  Black Mirror is an alternative rock band that has good music with a female singer that can belt them out, similar to Pat Benatar without the soft side of Pat Benatar. I’m not sure if it’s the fuzz on the guitars, but, the production doesn’t seem as crisp as it could be. They also do a cover of MC 5’s “Kick Out The Jams”. I give this 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


Craving Strange is on our list next with their 6 song EP titled “Careful Of The Landmines”. This progressive Rock band is more Rock than Progressive, but, good enough for me. This New York band has a familiar sound to them, but, I can’t quite pin it down. Maybe that’s what I like about this EP. It really is good. The production is really good too. I’d give this a 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Nuff said.

No Joy

No Joy comes up next on our EP series of reviews with 4 songs on their “Creep” EP. The songs go into that Spacy sound on their first track titled “Califone”. While Fluorscent Dread” still goes into the Spacy sound, but, is a bit more up-tempo than the first track. There is vocals on this EP, but, not many lyrics. Somewhat ghostly. I like the music, I even like the crooning that ebbs forth. There are lyrics on the last 2 tracks, but, again, I’m not sure I can understand them. The last track also seems to have a male vocalist shouting something at you, as you listen. Not bad. I’d give this 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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