Jack Russell’s Great White ~ He Saw It Coming.



I never really listened to Great White, other than the couple of hits that I’ve heard, but, I remember them as a hair metal band. This album is far from that. This sounds more like Bon Jovi than Motley Crue, just to give you an idea. I’m not even sure I can pick out a favorite song, as they are all good. Jack Russell was a founding member of Great White when they were the hair metal band, but, as the years went on, things must’ve changed for Mr. Russell. He left Great White to record a solo album, the re-joined the band, after forming Jack Russell’s Great White. He had some back surgery due to a fall & again had to back out of the original Great White. The original Great White is still performing with a different lead singer, so Jack now goes by Jack Russell’s Great White. They both may be good bands, but, by this album, I’ll take Jack Russell’s version of Great White rather than the original one. I give this album a 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Not a bad song on the album…at the end, there is an acapella song, and it works. BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!

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