Blind Ego ~ Liquid



Fans of RPWL will most likely love this album, even though it doesn’t sound like an RPWL album…oh wait…it isn’t. This is a solo effort from the RPWL guitarist, Kalle Wallner. It’s an album full of Progressive Rock that goes back & forth between Hard & soft. We open the album with a big rocker titled “A Place In The Sun”. After that we go mellow with “Blackened”. Following that we pick back up with “What If”. Other musicians include Arno Menses and Ralf Schwager (SUBSIGNAL), Sebastian Harnack (SYLVAN), & others. This is Kalle’s 3rd solo effort. Each solo effort seems to go into different directions. I give this 4 Music Guru Stars. I look forward to hearing the next album.


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