This album is a jazz combo which features multi-instrumentalist Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, who writes in both contemporary classical & jazz. You can really hear it on this album as well. The album starts off with a fast paced track titled “The Turkish 2nd Line (New Orleans Ciftetellisi)”, then follows up with a slower track titled “A Dream In Nihavend”. This track, I don’t like as much as the first track, but, this album seems to go in that direction. Some good, some not as good. The third track, “Whirlaround” the first track to feature vocals, starts off slow, then picks up. There is a nice synth solo floating around on this track that I like. The vocals weren’t bad either. The next 3 songs are concertos for saxophone. If you’re a fan of improv sax, then you’ll enjoy these 3 tracks. The “Niyaz Suite” didn’t really work for me, but, it may for you, especially if you’re a drummer. The last track titled “Love Theme from Ergenekeon” is a pretty piano piece which features a little bit of vocals going along with the melody of the piano. This gets a 3.5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.

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