Various Artists ~ Backroom Blues Volume 2



This album, with it’s opening track “Beg And Plead”, knocked me out with it’s gutsy feeling and especially the vocals on this girl, man, can she sing! Her name is Jeanne Lozier, for those that want to follow up on her. Next up is a band, Rocket 88, who seems very fond of ZZ Top. This song, “Shake Your Hips”, sounds very similar to “La Grange”. The Red Bank Blues Band follow that up with a nice swingin’ number titled “Wonder If”. Track 4 from Blind Lemon Pledge, seems more like a song that I’d hear in a romantic comedy movie. “So Tired (Goin’ Home)” from Trevor Sewell is OK, but, not really on my favorites on this album. Mike Daly And The Planets bring you “Broken”, which, again, is not among my favorites on this album. Blind Lemon Pledge comes back for a second track titled “She Broke The Ten Commandments”, which is more of a traditional blues song. Not bad, but, not as good as “Nag, Nag, Nag”. Miss Laurie Ann & The Saddle Tones, bring you an easy 1-4-5 blues progression, with some nice piano flowing throughout the song. Big Bone Daddy brings it up a notch with “Pretty Baby” The lyrics don’t change much, but, it is a fun song. Trevor Sewell is back to close out the album,  with “Hallow Part 1” which starts off really slowly, but, picks up pretty quickly with some added instruments & background vocals. All in all a good album, as is Vol. 1. Check them both out. This album gets 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.


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