Circus Maximus ~ HAVOC



This is a great jump right in album, full of rock, progressive metal & pop all rolled up in 1 fine album. This album starts off strong with THE WEIGHT & continues to keep you reeled in with HIGHEST BITTER which has a very strong bass line flowing throughout. The title track is next with some gimmicks thrown in. During the song, it sounds like a DJ or a TV announcer speaking to you before singer Michael Eriksen steps back in with his wonderful vocals. One of the more melodic songs on the album is titled FLAMES. There is a theme to this album. The theme is about moments in life that lead to both love and hate. The music is very melodic, but can change into a heavier sound like it did with HAVOC. Also some slower tracks like FLAMES and LOVED ONES. The musicianship is great. The musicians are Mats Haugen on guitars, Glen Mollen on bass, Lasse Finbratin on keyboards, and, Truls Haugen on drums. Those of you that would like a blending of Dream Theater, Spock’s Beard and Genesis, will love this album. This is their 4th album. I look forward to hearing the previous 3. This album gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. Check it out today!


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